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If you are thinking about learning a musical instrument, you should consider trying different kinds of musical instruments like bass so you can pin-point what musical instrument you would like to learn to play. Playing songs is a stress reducing experience that opens the doors for you to reach into your creative side and let go for a moment.

You can watch a live performance here:

The learning curve may be a challenge in the beginning, you will learn the foundational elements of the performing arts, and keeping tempo to a metronome. Should you choose an instrument like the trumpet, this requires you to use your mouth, and if it's a drum kit, you will be required to play with your two feet.

Here is an example of a great music school:

Many performers are brought up covering musical instruments and then end up playing when they grow up. There are so many chances to record music as a professional, that this is for anyone serious about a long lasting career as a musician. For those of you that want to groove live shows, there are venues and local opportunities to do that. If your desire is to jam in the music studio there are career choices that are out there.

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Being aware of all your options for a career in music production will be a spark for your musical journey. When you propel to a greater peak point in your musical career, being armed with that resource could help you make the right choices.

If you like live recordings, check this out:

Where are all the music jobs? There are more career options available now than ever before. These are a few that could be some to think about.

You can go here to learn more about music schools:

Available jobs in music:

• Music Teacher
• Musicianship
• Playing Live
• Studio Musician
• Band Member
• Audio Engineer
• Musical Producer
• Editor

These are many career choices that might spawn from learning how to perform on an instrument. Some of those career choices are very stable careers in music, while jobs can be hit and miss. For performance musicians that have had success performing live shows, there is big money to be made performing at concerts. The big bands have made millions in revenue dropping studio albums and performing at live shows.

Another live performance on Youtube:

Here are many additional bullet points you should know about the careers we referred to above.

Becoming A Music Teacher - What You Should Know
Studying to be a instructor for a public education system will require you to complete college. Instructors also create their own music academy which would not require a degree in music. With the internet there are online music programsmusic tutorials that provide how to play the piano you a place to provide instruction through video feeds on learning sites.

Music programs like this are developing great artists:

What All Musicians Should Learn About The Music Business
If you start to become a performer, then you will want to focus on the performing arts. Rocking out at live venues and producing in a studio with a click or drummer.

This may be similar to performing for an audience, but, a performer can also be a stage performer or a backup dancer for a musical group.

You can go hear to listen to musical performances:

Studio Musician Occupations
This craft is extremely unique. This is for musicians that like to play but maybe doesn't want to travel. A studio performer can perform musical parts for film and network television. Also, they can play for radio and internet based productions.

Check out these musical performances:

Everything To Know About Joining A Band
You can consider this a musicians job with extra perks, a band member could be a pianist, harpist, drummer, bass guitarist, or lead singer.

This is one of the top music schools in the country:

Audio Engineering
It's the engineer that makes the audio and makes it sound professionally engineered. An engineer tracks, cleans audio, and mixes the project using a DAW like Garage Band and external peripheral equipment. They typically also record on a large format console like a Sound Craft.

Audio Editing As A Career - Is It For you
Many projects sometimes require the engineer to hand off some edits to an audio editor. This editor may be relied on for removing sound glitches and making the each take sound as if it had been recorded in one take.

Here are some cool recordings of live performances:

What It Takes To Be A Producer
A music producer may be directly responsible for jiving with the group, giving instruction, relying on the sound engineer, and mastering team until the album is complete.

Here you might see there are multiple ways to cash in as a producer. The sound industry is loaded with opportunities for musicians and audio technicians to get hired and make a decent income. It doesn't matter if you start a drummers school, offer lessons online, or jam live with a group. There are industry needs for various kinds of performers, and earning revenue through music is greater than ever with the internet access you have to discover gigs and be a part of projects as a audiophile.

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